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AONM (Academy of Nutritional Medicine) is the UK partner for the maintracⓇ laboratory in Bayreuth, Germany.

Maintrac diagnostics - prior, during, and after cancer therapy.

AONM is the UK provider for Maintrac® testing for circulating epithelial tumour cells, cytotoxicity and apoptotic effectiveness of natural and chemotherapeutic agents; and Stemtrac for identifying tumour spheres in blood.

About maintracⓇ

MaintracⓇ is a system for counting and characterising circulating epithelial tumour cells (CETCs) in a “liquid biopsy”. Even years after surgery or therapy tumour cells can still be present in the blood. These cells can be responsible for recurrence of the cancer. Early detection of these changes allows you to receive the right therapy
at the right time.
What are circulating epithelial tumour cells (CETCs)?

Monitoring the behaviour (increase or decrease) of CETCs enables the timely detection of recurrence and evaluation of treatment response for many cancers. It can serve as a success parameter and may be used to inform personalised therapeutic decisions. For more information on the methodology click here.

Advantages of maintracⓇ:
● Real-time monitoring using a 15 ml blood sample
● Cell counts between 10 – 100,000 cells/ml
● Quantitative detection of CETCs
● High sensitivity in patients with primary tumours
● Monitoring of progress and efficacy during tumour therapy
● Characterisation of therapy-relevant tumour properties
● Identification of the most effective therapeutic agents
● Long-term monitoring for up to 10 years and more after initial cancer diagnosis.
Link to a sample report. This report shows a maintrac circulating cell count (CTC), maintrac drug testing (curcumin in this example) with 3x concentrations, and a chart showing how CETCs can be measured over time.

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About stemtrac

Stemtrac identifies cancer stem cells which are capable of proliferation—termed tumour spheres—in a blood
sample. Stemtrac can serve as a beneficial diagnostic tool alongside maintracⓇ for monitoring cancer treatment,
particularly in patients with metastases.
Advantages of stemtrac:
● Detection of tumour spheres in the blood able to proliferate
● Individualised evaluation of the aggressiveness of the  disease

● Identifies undifferentiated tumour stem cells.


How to order

Contact AONM by telephone UK Helpline: 03331 210 305 or by email to request a test kit.
The test kit contains all the apparatus for taking the blood, and also includes the pre-paid DHL packaging and paperwork for delivery to the lab in Germany. The tests require 2x EDTA blood samples so you would need to ask your GP or engage a local phlebotomist to take the blood for you.

Monitoring and support

The maintracⓇ laboratory, together with AONM, offers training and support for medical doctors andcomplementary therapists, and can assist you in the monitoring and evaluation of test results.

Professor Dr. Katharina Pachmann

Prof. Dr. Med. Katherina Pachmann runs the maintracⓇ laboratory in Bayreuth, Germany, together with Dr. Ulrich Pachmann and a staff of 45. As both a medical doctor and research scientist, she has been conducting studies in this field and refining related techniques for over two decades, and has authored over a hundred scientific publications on the technique

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AONM Cancer Webinar Series and resources

AONM’s Cancer Webinar Series is a series of educational videos to help practitioners and patients make better informed treatment choices.

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