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Nutrigenomics for 'Yes to Life' beneficiaries 


Team Gene are excited to support Yes to Life beneficiaries and supporters


Your genes modulate enzymes that facilitate the transport of important nutrients and regulate the availability of certain vitamins and minerals.


Vitamins and minerals are important for every function in the body, this test will help you to identify which ones may need supporting by identifying the right types of foods such as certain fruits and vegetables that contain the nutrients needed to support your body.


The report contains the genes that are involved in the transport, metabolism or breakdown of the following nutrients:


Vitamin A - antioxidant and important for eye health

Vitamin B9 and B12 - both involved in fatigue

Vitamin C - antioxidant

Vitamin D - immunity and bone health

Betaine - Used alongside choline in energy production

Choline - needed to support energy levels

CoEnzyme Q10 - antioxidant and involved in energy production

Glutathione - important antioxidant 

Gluten - protein found in wheat products

Lactose - protein found in milk products


This 'at home' test will be posted to you, you return in the pre-paid box, once received, you wait 4-6 weeks, your report identifies the types of foods that are better suited to support your body.


We are all genetically different, understanding your results helps you to eat right for your body.


This test and report would ordinarily be £149 but today is available for £99. Please use this link to purchase


Team Gene was originally set up by Karen Harrison to help Athletes maximise energy production and to optimise repair after training or a race, however, Karen has come to realise that certain vitamins and minerals and there gene-nutrient relationships are also useful to others.


We are all genetically different and ensuring you maximise the nutrients you eat to best support your body to repair and heal. Your results will sign post you to include more of a certain vitamin or mineral to support your body. This test is available for anyone.

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