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Wigwam is an initiative of Yes to Life and we’ve hugely welcomed this Congress exploring nutrition. It is one of those areas where there is lots of confusing information that is particularly hard for people to navigate. Wigwam is all about helping and supporting people to do just that and more.


We are building a community of people living with or beyond cancer who want to take or explore an integrative health approach to cancer; that is to say considering conventional, lifestyle and complementary approaches.


Support Groups - We have a number of Wigwam Cancer Support groups including two new online groups. We hope to establish more groups online and across the country. Find out more in this video but also on our website. Complete the ‘Get Involved’ form and we’ll be in touch re possible groups: https://www.wigwam.org.uk/our-support-groups

Forums - Our monthly free Forums with experts have been increasingly popular; coming up we have Jane McLelland, Fiona Shakeela Burns and Patricia Peat. Sign up free on our website: https://www.wigwam.org.uk/forums-and-webinars


Wellbeing groups - Our Mindfulness group meets weekly and we also have a 30 minute yoga breathing session with Yoga Therapist Nikki Jackson. Sign up free on our website.



Resources - Nearly all our previous Forums with expert speakers are available on our website free to those who register to be a Wigwam member at the top of the Wigwam website. They are a mine of great info - plus those who sign up get our new blogs when they publish on our website; topics include tattooing, what you need to know before chemo and art uncovering.

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