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By joining this class, I do ask you to take responsibility for your own practice please, making sure you listen to what feels right and avoid anything that doesn’t. 

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To book your free 30 minutes Yoga Session on Saturday's lunch break with Claire, please send the form below. Just to remind you, all fields are compulsory if you want to join the free session.

I have a beautiful small studio in Hitchin where I teach yoga and offer reflexology, and of course over the past year my yoga has shifted to classes through zoom so anyone is able to join me now, regardless of where you are based.


I have been a friend and supporter of Yes To Life for many years, so it felt like a wonderful idea to offer a short yoga practice for you to take during your break. 


This short practice is for everyone, not being specific to cancer but instead to offer your mind and body a break, so that you might reset before the afternoon. Easing out any physical and mental tensions that might arise after such concentration online, in a gentle, moving flow which might be like a meditation to find space and stillness. So that you can head back feeling a little recharged and reenergised. 


You don’t need to know yoga for this practice, just be in comfortable clothes.  And if you would like the recording so that you can also practise this short flow on Sunday’s break please let me know on your booking form.


With love


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